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"IF" has NEW music

2007-08-28 10:36:56 by Andrew-Buckley

I have gotten around to re doing the music for my little animation "IF", so hopefully everyone will like the new score, I personally like it a lot better =). Nothing else is changed except for its now in its original resolution, the film wasnt originally made in DV standard resolution, and a few tweaks to make it run better at high quality.



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2007-08-28 19:55:35

Awesome! I loved IF, and ZOMG it's so good. Even better now. I'm really impressed man. I love original music in Flash movies. so this is just great. And I never noticed how perfect the sound FX were. Sounded so great.

Anyway, I'm really impressed, mate.

(Updated ) Andrew-Buckley responds:

Thanks man, im glad you were impressed, good to hear you like the music too. =D


2007-09-09 12:38:58

I am sorry for over reacting on my review on your flash. It wasnt thay bad i was just in a bad mood and also how do you get your flash


2007-09-22 21:17:43

You been working on anything lately?

Andrew-Buckley responds:

Yeah I am wokring on an animation for my uni course at the moment, I have 7 weeks to finish it and I will work on it a little more after that too.


2007-10-10 02:40:59

i was absolutley mesmerized by your flash "if" i thought it was so fantastic im a flash designer in training is there any advice yu can give me? thank you for your talent because i think the world needs someone like you

Andrew-Buckley responds:

Thank you =D, are you heading for more graphic design, programing or more on the animation side of flash? umm any advice =/ I think practice helps a lot. I didnt know I had that much talent =) but thanks though hehe.