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Animation Diploma

2008-10-24 01:08:37 by Andrew-Buckley

Hey everyone
I finished my animation diploma a little while back, was pretty awesome even though it was short. I learnt a lot of new stuff and have improved on my abilities. I'm also doing a short drawing class as well to get my drawing skills better, very important! I learnt how to use 3ds max and use traditional methods in animation as well as layout skills. I learnt new techniques for flash so my next animation should be pretty specky!!! I got a part time job at a 3d visualisation company pretty awesome.

I put forage up for fun just to see what people say I didnt think it wpuld get much of a score but its a fun little vid so i thought mereswell. Thanks for watching it people!

Im gonna work on a new NoX script in my spare time as well see how i go and if i like it and other people like it ill start character design and such. I'll keep you posted =D

heres a pic of the 3d project i did, its really short, ive never rigged or animated a character before but i went ok.

Animation Diploma


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2008-10-24 01:37:54

awesome picture i love it :3

Andrew-Buckley responds:

cheers man =) its animatred but it really short, he jumps over that hole and the boulders stop there


2009-08-19 03:14:26

that picture is the stuff of dreams, great job!


2010-03-10 20:38:10

Still alive?

(Updated ) Andrew-Buckley responds:

Im still alive =), Iv got a job working on Dogstar a Flash tv series at the moment and been doing some freelance, havent had much time to do personal stuff