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New logos and work continues

2007-10-15 12:05:54 by Andrew-Buckley

Ive made a few logo's for myself, im hoping no one is has used the name Andimation =D. My lecturer came up with the idea for the logo he has heaps of awesome ideas and I like it. I also have a signiture for my user image so I might get recognised more in the future hehe maybe.

My new cartoon "End of the Row" is coming along, all draft work is finished im now in the polishing phase, I have done sound effects and my composer is working on the music for me, im glad i found him as he is doing it for free which is really helpful. Heres an almost finished image from the cartoon it goes for 4 minutes and 22 seconds so its the longest aniamtion ive made. The story story is maybe a bit different for me but hopefully it works =D. Ive got 4 weeks to finish it for Uni and then if its good enough I might put it in a competition and then post it here. Oh also I applied for an to go to a school to do an Animation Diploma which would be awesome, afer I finish my Multimedia Degree. Hopefully ill hear about that soon. So yeah just an update for anyone who reads my page =D.

New logos and work continues


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2007-10-20 16:03:24

It's looking good!. Nice setting and pretty cool camera angle! And I hope you get in to that program!

Andrew-Buckley responds:

Thanks man so do I !!! hehe yeah its a school based setting, I tried to use some funky camera angles in this one.


2007-10-21 08:11:10

Awesome! :D Glad to see it's all finally coming together ;D I've got a strong feeling this is front page material! Good luck when you finally release it to newgrounds! And Uni, of course :D !

Andrew-Buckley responds:

I dont know about front page material but it might make it to the serious shorts again, ive already got 2 in there im pretty prou dof that, but its not totally serious so see what happens ooooo exciting =P


2007-11-14 00:06:41

Looks realy good.