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2008-01-26 19:08:03 by Andrew-Buckley

End of the Row has gone so much better than I thought it would and im really happy how many people enjoyed it. Plus I got daily feature, although it could have just been my lucky day.

Now the next project ... first i need to get some practice in and then im working on a music video for a local band with my lecturer. It will be a half film and half animation(im the animator) project with composited shots in there too. The outline i got for it looks like some fun and I cant wait to get started except there has been delays so far.

Then after that im starting my animation diploma in 2 months and that should be awesome .. i cant wait.


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2008-01-30 13:04:07

Really awsome! x) Just watched it ^^

Andrew-Buckley responds:

thanks, im glad you liked it =D


2008-01-31 18:46:21

Hey Bucks, I've got an idea for a flash what could maybe boost your popularity on newgrounds, I'll tell you about it next time i catch you on MSN =] I know you're quite busy now but maybe you could fit it in somewhere? ^^ Thanks (Y)

Andrew-Buckley responds:

I will catch u on MSN then =P ...


2008-02-01 01:52:07

Good luck with your plans :)

Andrew-Buckley responds:

hopefully everything goes good, some other things worry me like getting a job though


2008-02-01 12:19:04

Awesome job!

Andrew-Buckley responds:

thanks man


2008-02-01 14:39:23

Nice movie man, I really loved a few of the camera angles you threw in there and just the whole story in general. I think the shot where he's pushing the cross walk button is hilarious, it's probably one of my favorite parts in the movie next to where he walks into his house with that low shot of his feet. Can't wait to see your next project!

(Updated ) Andrew-Buckley responds:

Yeah I tried to put some interesting camera angles in there to help tell the story without using too many different angles to show the same thing. Hopefully the next project will be a bigger improvement on my part.


2008-02-03 00:36:40

I loved it. Alot. My favourite part was at the very beginning when he gets inside and drops the bag and walks to the doorway in the hall. Fantastic staging with that scene.

Your people were sort of wonky looking at times, but the animation was spot on, and the whole package was just really great!

Andrew-Buckley responds:

Thanks man =D yeah I like that bit too, ive got to work on my consistancy and character design, i should have upped the inbetweens and worked more on poses and line art =/, see how I go on the next one aye.


2008-02-04 16:18:20

I just watched "End of the Row" and it really summarized my life in 4th Year Criminology. I've done that far too many times; drink, stay up late, unplug alarm clock, and wake up 15 minutes before an exam after a 'rough' night. Excellent job and best of luck with your animation diploma.




2008-02-05 03:07:29

obvious storline but so true


2008-07-11 11:47:56

Nice to see you continuing with your talents.

Man... I remember NOX. I LOVE IT!

i still do, its damn good.


Andrew-Buckley responds:

wow thanx man, i still want to make nox again, even more so since ive improved, i will get there one day ... im on ur fav list *honoured* =D and diploma almost done its only a short course =(


2008-09-03 00:30:12

how's your diploma?


2008-09-15 21:53:32

Dude, the chair freakinh=g killed him in the dream! I hope when I get to hoigh school that doesn't happen to meD:
Excellent animation, btw.

Andrew-Buckley responds:

hoigh school very australian =P
nah wont happen unless ur high on drugs probably haha
Thanks though man and good luck in highschool


2008-10-23 10:14:57

Congratulations on forage! You get a award :)

Andrew-Buckley responds:

thanks man, i didnt expect it to get a real high score because of its length but yeah pretty cool for something so small