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Animation Diploma

2008-10-24 01:08:37 by Andrew-Buckley

Hey everyone
I finished my animation diploma a little while back, was pretty awesome even though it was short. I learnt a lot of new stuff and have improved on my abilities. I'm also doing a short drawing class as well to get my drawing skills better, very important! I learnt how to use 3ds max and use traditional methods in animation as well as layout skills. I learnt new techniques for flash so my next animation should be pretty specky!!! I got a part time job at a 3d visualisation company pretty awesome.

I put forage up for fun just to see what people say I didnt think it wpuld get much of a score but its a fun little vid so i thought mereswell. Thanks for watching it people!

Im gonna work on a new NoX script in my spare time as well see how i go and if i like it and other people like it ill start character design and such. I'll keep you posted =D

heres a pic of the 3d project i did, its really short, ive never rigged or animated a character before but i went ok.

Animation Diploma


2008-01-26 19:08:03 by Andrew-Buckley

End of the Row has gone so much better than I thought it would and im really happy how many people enjoyed it. Plus I got daily feature, although it could have just been my lucky day.

Now the next project ... first i need to get some practice in and then im working on a music video for a local band with my lecturer. It will be a half film and half animation(im the animator) project with composited shots in there too. The outline i got for it looks like some fun and I cant wait to get started except there has been delays so far.

Then after that im starting my animation diploma in 2 months and that should be awesome .. i cant wait.

New logos and work continues

2007-10-15 12:05:54 by Andrew-Buckley

Ive made a few logo's for myself, im hoping no one is has used the name Andimation =D. My lecturer came up with the idea for the logo he has heaps of awesome ideas and I like it. I also have a signiture for my user image so I might get recognised more in the future hehe maybe.

My new cartoon "End of the Row" is coming along, all draft work is finished im now in the polishing phase, I have done sound effects and my composer is working on the music for me, im glad i found him as he is doing it for free which is really helpful. Heres an almost finished image from the cartoon it goes for 4 minutes and 22 seconds so its the longest aniamtion ive made. The story story is maybe a bit different for me but hopefully it works =D. Ive got 4 weeks to finish it for Uni and then if its good enough I might put it in a competition and then post it here. Oh also I applied for an to go to a school to do an Animation Diploma which would be awesome, afer I finish my Multimedia Degree. Hopefully ill hear about that soon. So yeah just an update for anyone who reads my page =D.

New logos and work continues

"IF" has NEW music

2007-08-28 10:36:56 by Andrew-Buckley

I have gotten around to re doing the music for my little animation "IF", so hopefully everyone will like the new score, I personally like it a lot better =). Nothing else is changed except for its now in its original resolution, the film wasnt originally made in DV standard resolution, and a few tweaks to make it run better at high quality.


New toon started

2007-07-26 00:51:19 by Andrew-Buckley

I have started work on my new animation called "End of the Row" at the moment. I have completed all story boards and I am now onto backgrounds and animatics. This will be my biggest production I have done and hopefully will be the best, I am also looking for someone to do music for me and maybe sound effets, as I want to submit this film to a Festival near the end of the year.